The tribe is governed by the Waccamaw Siouan Tribal Council, Inc., consisting of seven members who are elected by the tribal membership with staggered terms of one to three years. The Tribal Chief's position was formerly handed down, but recently became an elected position. The tribe also has an Elders Review Committee and conducts monthly tribal meetings to  inform and educate members about issues of importance to the tribe as a whole. The opinions and suggestions of tribal members are solicited during these meetings and are incorporated into the decision-making process. 


The tribal council employs a tribal staff to handle the day-to-day operations of the tribe. The Council supervises the staff in the oversight of all tribal grant programs and staff provides a monthly reporting of the status of grant activities to local, state, and federal agencies, private donors, the tribal council, and tribal members.

The tribe is affiliated with Legal Aid of North Carolina - Pembroke Office

Chief and Assistant Chief


Chief Preacher Michael Jacobs

Preacher Michael Jacobs

Assistant Chief

  Earl Blanks

Tribal Council Officers


 Matthew Blanks

Vice Chairperson

 Pamela Jacobs 


 Eric Graham


 Patricia Andrews

Other Council Members


Tammy Patrick


Jessica Spaulding Dingle


James Ervin Freeman